Make an Appointment with a Podiatry Specialist

Request an appointment to receive the highest quality care. We offer same-day appointments at our many locations.

Referring Providers that Want to Submit Referral Electronically

Please follow this link to submit referrals via our referral website. We do ask that you fax the physical referral to 918-281-6181. Please attach a copy of the patient’s insurance cards with referral submission.

Patients Who Would like to Schedule an Appointment

To make an appointment, please call our office at (918) 494-2902 or fill out the request form on this page.

After the appointment is made, we will send you an email to activate your patient portal, where you can complete patient registration by filling out the new patient paperwork and confirming your appointment. If you are unable to fill out the paperwork ahead of time, please arrive 15-20 before your scheduled appointment time to complete it in our office. Please be sure to bring your insurance card and driver’s license to your appointment.

If you would like to fill out the paperwork ahead of time, here are the steps you need to follow:

  1. You cannot start this without being invited to the patient portal by a Metro Tulsa Foot and Ankle Specialist employee. If you would like to be invited, please call our office at (918) 494-2902.
  2. You will follow the link that is in your email and create an account with Breeze.
  3. Once you have created an account in Breeze, a confirmation will be sent to your email.
  4. You now need to confirm your account. It will not let you log in until you complete this step. TIP: Check your spam folder if you are not seeing this confirmation email in your inbox.
  5. Once you have confirmed your account, click the “3 bars” in the top left-hand corner of your screen.
  6. A drop down will appear, select appointments from the drop-down.
  7. Scroll to the “Upcoming Appointments” section. You should have an appointment scheduled in that section.
  8. Choose the option to “Pre-Register.”
  9. Fill in all the information required.
  10. A button indicating “Next Step” will display green instead of gray once all required information is filled in allowing you to proceed to the next page.
  11. You will need to complete each section until all the information is complete. The information completed during the pre-registration will be sent to our office and be updated in your chart.
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